Jim Temple – Sales Partner 

After graduation from San Jose State University, Jim joined the family printing business in 1989. Having learned the trade from the groundup, he has extensive knowledge of the graphic arts profession. Jim has worked hands-on in prepress, the press room and all phases of the bindery process. This broad base of knowledge gives Jim the ability to spot problems in the planning phase of your projects eliminating potential headaches during the manufacturing process. He excels in project management and customer service with the goal of making your experience stress free. Jim joined the Proforma team in 2013 to expand Proforma’s ability to produce great printed products as well as to broaden his knowledge of the branded merchandise industry. 

Jim enjoys time away from work with family and pets. Nativeto Northern California, he enjoys traveling and is currently restoring a classic truck with his sons.

He looks forward to working with you and delivering your next project on time and looking great!