Donna Dastoli – Senior Sales Partner

Donna Dastoli comes from a large, vivacious, fun-lovin’ Italian family comprised of 6 siblings and 12 nieces and nephews with whom she is extremely close.   Donna came to California from the east coast for an adventure when she was 21 and fell in love with the “chillaxed” lifestyle that California had to offer. 

Donna holds a degree in Broadcasting and foresaw herself as a successful Radio personality.  We think Donna would have been superb in just about any industry, but we are so grateful that the man who was interviewing her for her first Radio job had a friend in the Promotional Products industry and he was quick to ask Donna to meet with his friend about an opportunity she had at her agency.  Undoubtedly he could see that Donna belonged in front of an audience, rather than behind the microphone.   To this day Donna will say this, “At first I was disappointed as I wanted the radio job. But since I didn’t want to close any doors, I agree to meet with her.    And then, I fell in love with the Promotional products industry. ”   

In the office Donna is known as “Mama D. ” for her thoughtful and loving displays of affection, and to her clients she is known as the “packaging queen” for her endless creativity and out-of-the box thinking.   But most importantly she is known as a friend to all and as a woman who fully engages in the act of cultivating friendships and meaningful relationships.    

Professionally Donna loves to come up with creative ideas to launch successful brand-right projects and programs. Donna is supported by the incomparable Sylvia Wilson who has been the other half to this dynamic duo for more years then they wish to recount!   Donna is an intelligent and positive woman who is hailed as a leader in her field,but you won’t catch her letting these accolades get to her head, although sometimes we like to remind her of how respected she truly is!  Donna stands by this sentiment today, “The best part of the Promotional Products industry is the client friends I’ve made over the years.” 

Outside of the hallowed walls of PMA, you will find Donna living life to its fullest.   Donna loves to cook, entertain, FaceTime with family, wine taste, shop the farmers market, travel & hike.  Her favorite places are Kauai, Pt. Reyes, and Yosemite.  Donna was married on a beach in Kauai and tries to get back to the Islands when she can!   Donna lives in the Bay Area with her husband and very funny cat, Vinnie.